The ideas created in the university belong in the public. This belief leads me to share my scholarship in an accessible medium with local audiences.

I am very happy to speak on my research and social-justice interests. Please contact me for more information.

Public Speaking

I am a regular invited speaker at the Adult Forum at the United Church of Fayetteville, “a place where education, understanding and discussion of complex contemporary topics can occur.” I have also participated on panels about writing scholarship for the public and about Catholic spirituality for teens.

a graphic of the asexual pride flag: horizontal black, grey, white, and purple stripes. “An Ace Discovers Asexuality History and Culture”
Human Library, Bird Library, 11 April 2018

What is it like to discover your queer past while living in a straight world? As an ace theorizing asexuality for my doctoral research on early-modern literature, I will share my experience analyzing the history of asexuality and its impact on contemporary ace culture.

a midcentury modern brick and glass building with the words 'John G. Alibrandi Jr. CATHOLIC CENTER' on it “Discipleship”
Confirmation Retreat, Alibrandi Catholic Center, 26 March 2017

A personal reflection and motivational talk about social justice for Catholic teens.

a white paneled room with green carpet, a crooked projector screen, and a woman in a red sweater and scarf talking with her hands “‘Give Me Chastity But Not Yet’: Augustine, Sex, and Sin”
UCF Adult Forum, 12 March 2017

Part of the “Sex, Sin, and Salvation: Giving Up Guilt for Lent” ecumenical lecture series.

“Queer(ing) Catholics in English Literature”
UCF Adult Forum, 3 April 2016

Part of the “Religion, Literature, and the Arts” ecumenical lecture series.

Metathesis Roundtable: Feminism, Gender, and Public Scholarship”
Syracuse University, 24 April 2015

A roundtable discussion with the contributors to the first year of Metathesis public scholarship posts, all on the themes of feminism and gender.

Conference Presentations

I am a frequent participant in scholarly conferences, sharing my research on religion and sexuality in both early-modern and more recent literature.

- Rib-bed for Her Pleasure: Reproduction and Conversion in the Creation of Eve
Seminar paper, Objects of Conversion conference, University of California, Los Angeles, 16 February 2017
- “How art thou changed!”: Transfiguring the Magdalene in Early Modern Converts’ Poetry
Conference paper, Transforming Bodies conference, Cornell University, 21 April 2017
- “Divided by Christ”: Synecdoche and Sectarianism in Seventeenth-Century English Protestant Pilgrim Narratives
Conference paper, Brave New World graduate conference, McGill University, 18 February 2017
- “El sexo no es escencia en lo entendido”: Sor Juana’s Women’s Bodies and Ungendered Souls
Conference paper, 2016 NEMLA, Hartford, CT, 20 March 2016
- “It’s All Fine”: Asexuality and Narratives of Normalcy in the BBC Sherlock Fandom
Colloquium paper, Fall 2015 Negotiations, Syracuse University, 13 November 2015
- “Idioma mexicano”: Criollismo and Spanish Text/Paratext in Paredes’s Nahuatl Catecismo mexicano
Conference paper, 2014 NEASECS Conference, Syracuse, NY, 26 September 2014